7 comments on “2008 Peel Sessions Poll: Numbers 50-41

  1. Oh Steve, this is great stuff. (Well worth a listen folks!)

    You do sound awfully laid back and professional … in a Radio Luxemburg 2am just after the tampon ad kinda way.

    I really look forward to hearing the countdown continue.

    Thank you so much for the effort. (Unlike my own when it comes to such things. Or to paraphrase the great JP .. “My blogging career has indicated a shocking lack of ambition”).

  2. Good stuff Steve, good to hear Ivor Cutler in there (there’s so much of his stuff that i haven’t heard, which in a way i quite like) and Delgados too, really ought to get that Peel sessions double cd set they did. The only time i can ever recall being properly starstruck was being in the same room as Emma Pollock.

    Good to hear your voice too, you sound a bit like Rob Da Bank in places, in a good way! Looking forward to the next installment, i have my fingers crossed for Bearsuit storming in at number one…

  3. Funny but your voice was exactly as I imagined it would be. Ivor had me literally in tears of laughter, although I almost had to be resucitated after the shock of the lowly chart position for a certain Joy Division session. Fantastic stuff and I eagerly await 40 to 31.

    Planning to have the first installment of the 2008 1976 chart up in the next few days, will let you know…

  4. Thanks people, it seems to be doing well in the download stakes. Rob Da Bank, eh? Radio Luxembourg…my arse ;-)).And what did you imagine I sounded like, Adam? You’d think my background in hospital radio would have come in handy…not the case at all. I was nervous as a kitten. I still remember the time, come to that, when I ran out of records fifteen minutes before the end of the programme. Happy days.

  5. I’ve put my first installment together and it will be available on Monday.

    Remember that argument you were having with Davy about David Soul? Well…

  6. Steve, this is brilliant stuff! Ashamed to say I’ve just got round to listening to it, now I really want to hear the rest….
    Just like old times actually (and that’s a real compliment).
    Best for all the festives.

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