4 comments on “Countdown To Festive Season #8: 1991

  1. I heard he actually planned his wedding and honeymoon to be a week after it finished and then spent ages panicking that he’s miscounted.

    I think Peel went into a sulk about the obviousness of the #1 and that’s why he wouldn’t do the chart.

    Adam (FiS)

  2. I taped bits of the F50 in 85, 86 & 87 but for some reason taped nothing until 1993, when I recorded all of it. It must have been that with so many entries by my favourite bands that I'd have most of it on record already. I regret that now, as there were always some classics by one hit wonders. So this is most welcome. Thanks.

  3. YOU…HAVE…THE…WHOLE…1993…FESTIVE FIFTY??? Get in touch please, my eamil address is at the top of the page. At the moment, we have only the edited shows, so if you could rip them for me, Father Christmas would come early!!!

  4. We were married at least 3 weeks after it finished. I think he only missed 1 night of it in the end, but it still had me a bit worried!
    I’m sure someone somewhere has amuch better recording of it, my tapetotape effort is ok for me but for posteritys’ sake somebody needs to come forward and give us a decent version, please!

    In the meantime, I’ll get the remaining wavs of my tapes off to Gary in the new year.

    Thanks to both for the festive 50s postings, I think its this time of year when most peoplewill especially miss him- going to dig out a late 80s one for meself tomorrow I think, – I’m not sure which programmes (in full) you are still looking for? I’ve got a few of the 90s in full if you are stuck.

    All the best in the new year

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