8 comments on “Compliments Of The Season

  1. Hey Stevie boy, have a cracking Christmas old bean – I’m hoping to pop in at my place tomorrow for one last hurrah before shutting shop too…so, you know, drop in yourself for a sweet sherry if you fancy it x

  2. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling your absolute apex Steve. It’ll be those dodgy figs round Davy’s place.

    Make sure you have enough batteries on Christmas Day to keep going.

    Love and every best wish to you and Mrs So It Goes (aka the Rock) on those faraway shores.


  3. All the best Steve, fell better and thanks for putting together such a great blog in 2008.

  4. Your blog has brought me untold pleasure this year Steve. Looking forward to much more in 2009:

    Meli kliseumaseu jal ji naego saehae pog manhi pateuseyo, as they say in Korea.

  5. Happy Christmas, Steve. I know you love this time of year. Give me a shout when you visit the UK next year.

  6. Buon Natale Steve. Thanks for all the pleasure and interest that’s come from Teenage Kicks in 2008.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon – and have a great New Year. You deserve it!

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