4 comments on “2008 Peel Sessions Poll: Numbers 40-31

  1. I know I said this before Steve, but this is brilliant -it’s just so much fun to listen to. I was a little disappointed that you hadn’t listed the tracks, but now realise that was a stroke of genius.
    Have to admit I didn’t scroll through the list of sessions before sending my choices off to you. I just relied on sentimental memories, but listening to the results has made me realise I should have – maybe next year :-)
    Top stuff Steve, many thanks.

  2. He he, you give me too much credit David. The reason I didn’t track list was because I didn’t want to get the DMCA on my back, you can never be too careful. I only found out today that the excelllent Retro Music Snob is taking an indefinite holiday, even though they don’t host any mp3s themselves, so caution was my watchword. I will print a full track list at the end of the series…when everyone who wants a copy of the poll has already downloaded it.
    Certainly, choosing the sessions is a lot easier if you have Ken’s book, but sentimental memories do me just fine. Thanks for the fine words.

  3. This gets better and better Steve.

    The Chords hit the G-Spot – far better than I recall. That recording is better than the vinyl version.

    The Slits and Sonic Youth perked me up no end -following a veritable mountain of turkey and tiramisu.

    I’ll not mention the other tracks – as folk need to listen in.

    Cheers m’boy

  4. Hate to do this to you Steve but I’m all done and dusted as far as 1976 is concerned! What a relief. There’s a glass of mulled wine awaiting all visitors over at FiS.

    Fabulous part 2 here, can’t wait for the rest of the chart.

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