7 comments on “2008 Peel Sessions Poll: The Top 10

  1. Hi Steve. Only me.
    Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the time n effort you put into this 50. Herculean old lad.

    We all have our own opinion on the chart I’m sure. I learnt a great deal from it, and suspect that Mr Peel would have given you a sincere (if understated) nod of approval.

  2. I’ll second that! Cheers for all the hard work on this – looking forward to more good stuff in 2009 (and I’ll get my votes in earlier this time, honest).

  3. Thanks for putting in the effort Steve, much appreciated.

    A truly eclectic mix and many surprises, although no surprise that the Wild Swans were up there :)

  4. yes, great series this was Steve, well done and many thanks. i’ve certainly heard a lot of good stuff that i’d not have done otherwise, it’s nice to know someone’s got copies of the first bearsuit and first aisler set sessions :)

  5. About bloody time! Seriously, though, thanks for all your effort, this is wonderful.

  6. Thanks for all your plaudits, people: it was a real strain doing this series, but the sense of achievement I feel outweighs that.
    Oh, and Adam: ‘about bloody time’…hmmm…does the year 1982 mean anything to you? ;-))

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