11 comments on “2008 Peel Sessions Poll: The Final Countdown

  1. I think two of mine made the top 10, then again I can’t really remember what I voted for?

    What will we poll for next year Steve? I’m thinking of doing a best of the decade 50.

  2. Quite a varied bunch when you look the whole list but no Half Man Half Biscuit !!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers for all your efforts Steve , been a pleasure listening to it.

  3. Your top three choices all made it, Adam (the other one was at 15): if I had a prize to give, I’d give one fro accuracy of prediction!
    Yes, Popgun, no HMHB, even though three of their sessions got voted for. Shame.
    Glad you agree, Wolfman! I enjoyed listening to them during the selection process, too.

  4. Take a bow Steve – that was the most fun I’ve had from a music blog ever. I could write
    you an essay on my thoughts about it, but I’ll stick with this: I didn’t include
    The Fall in my choices, although they’re without doubt my all time fave band. It would
    have been just too difficult to choose and anyway, I was pretty confident they’d figure
    in the final list.

    What I’m surprised about are the songs that did actually make it – Smile, Blindness,
    Lie Dream – no Sparta FC, no Ladybird, no Lot Of Wind. That’s not a complaint (I’m
    delighted actually), just a little surprising for me. What good taste your viewers have :-)

    Anyway, grazie mille. You’re a star.

  5. David, the song choices were actually mine (apart from a very few specific requests), meant to stand for the whole session recording. Nonetheless, la ringrazio, signore.
    Dick, you’re too too kind on my miserable and totally unworthy behalf…but I love it. Thank you too, mucker.
    P.S. Thin Lizzy DID make it…so are we on again? ;-))

  6. A great list of songs to read, and a great set to listen to. Thanks for all this – Brilliant work !

  7. Wow…. so awesome!! Thanks Steve….. can’t believe Ripcord made it… memories memories….!!!

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