9 comments on “Five Bunny Hops

  1. Lovely to see you back in fine form, Steve. This is one of those FF bands that had always slipped through the cracks for me, so, thanks to your excellent post, I’ll be checking them out. Glad to have you back on the FF trail.

    Someone please come and comment on my podcasts!!!

  2. Never heard of them!

    …which makes me all the more eager to give this a listen and find out what I missed.

    Excellent work.

  3. Hey I was in Harveys Rabbit (played guitar, but not the best bits; and wrote some songs)and I’ve just happened along this website and the nice comments written here about the band and the music we made
    Thanks, you’ve given me a warm glow

  4. Hey, thanks Mick, I’m really happy to get feedback from any bands involved with Peel. Please drop me a line at so.it.goes.2512@gmail.com any time. Sometime I will get round to reloading this page and restoring the links to your music, if that’s all right by you!

  5. That’s fine with me. I was recently talking to Dave who played the good bits of gutiar with the band, and we were discussing putting out some bits and pieces by the band which were never released at the time of recording so I’ll let you know if it happens.
    Keep up the good work and thanks

  6. thanks so much for this – i rate harvey’s rabbit’s single of “is this what you call change?” as one of my very favourite singles of all time. it’s just a gorgeous, glorious thing – so happy to have the session as well

  7. No worries Chris, agree with you about the single wholeheartedly. So nice to have such co-operation from some areas of the music industry: thanks again, Mick.

  8. Wow, thats one of the nicest compliments i have ever heard, I am David Chorlton and I played the Bass for Harveys Rabbit . . I spent some of the best years of my live driving from gig to gig recording some great tunes and mixing with the great and the good. . its hard to believe it is getting on 20 years since we all first me up

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