12 comments on “Hello world!

  1. Ah .. there you are. Nice place you got here. Was it expensive?
    Nice curtains. Writing’s a bit small – if you don’t mind me saying. The moon’s a balloon. Oh hang on, I need my reading glasses. Hope you’ll be happy here. I’m just across the corridor. Give me a knock if you need a cup of sugar, or just a chat and a nice cup o’ tea.

    Is the snooker on?

  2. Congratulations! really glad you have made the move too!

    Can’t wait to continue reading this, and to be able to post comments again!

  3. Good luck in your new home Stevie boy. If the Web Sheriff asks I’ll tell him I’ve no idea where you went ; )

  4. Phew, made it! Somehow I always worry about these things….
    Anyway, best of luck in the new home Steve, can’t wait to hear what you’ve got on the stereo.

  5. Thanks friends: the only bugger was that all the videos didn’t make the journey in exporting, so it’s start from (nearly) scratch. Thanks for the ‘Mum’s The Word’, Mick: the less that old cunt knows the better. Love you all!!! xxx

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