7 comments on “Something For A Jobseeker’s Weekend

  1. Oh so good…saw Edwyn live last weekend, and this still sounds fabulous. Surprised that they didn’t make the festive fifty, but it’s a funny old world…

  2. Very nice . . . sorry I’ve not commented lately, but it’s been an odd January, and I’ve found myself not wandering as much. Hope that shifts back now . . .

  3. “..while I’m looking for another job..”

    You’re not unemployed are you Steve? Have I missed a post somewhere and do they have The Big Issue over there? Hopefully you’re just between contracts, or placements….or something. Who are you anyway?

    luv and hugs for you and the missus from blighty.

  4. Ed: Hi buddy, yes, they did sessions (which I am thinking about posting at some point) but not one track made it, not even Edwyn Collins on his own managed it. No taste, those listeners.
    whiteray: Hey guy, nice to hear from you again, I’ve finally updated all the links so that you are included.
    g: ‘Big Issue’…he he, every one a gem. Yes, my ‘boss’ (fucking bastard) decided that he couldn’t afford me any more after I’d only worked for him for 8 months, so I’m in the job market again. However, I had a very good interview yesterday and another one in line for tomorrow, so I don’t plan on being jobless for long. English teachers are very much at a premium out here in S. Korea. Who am I? I could say the same about you, since clicking on your profile doesn’t take me any place! However, I will update my profile soon so that you can delight in my history. In a nutshell, I’ve been running TK on Blogger since 2007, but moved here since the level of victimisation from the likes of the DMCA appears to be slightly less. Thanks for caring and come back soon!

  5. Who am I indeed? Aye, there’s the rub. 42 this year but I think I’m getting close. Ah, 42! The meaning of life, the universe and everything. This could be my year.

    Well I’m glad the job market is in your favour there Steve. Plus we’ll always need someone to clean up the internet. If I come across one more ‘to’ instead of ‘too’, ‘there’ instead of ‘their’, or ‘they’re’. ‘than’ not ‘then’. The infinite imperfect tense. The deafening phonetic death rattle that lies shaken and floundering upon half-baked reason, strangled by… I may have strayed a bit.

    Good luck Steve (“;)

  6. Lordy, should have known it was my old mucker!! I know exactly where you’re coming from, Gary: I often use examples for my students (when I have them) of slaughterers of our tongue. Moreover (not ‘and’, as I keep telling them), Radio 1 is one of the worst perpetrators of mangled speech. ‘There’s a lot of cars in a pile-up on the M1’…for fuck’s sake.
    Thanks for the best wishes, and just remember, I turn 46 this year, so if I haven’t found the answers to life, the universe and everything yet, they don’t bloody exist.

  7. Of course it’s me silly. Who else would have such a depressed-looking fizog?

    I don’t wish to overload you with work-related items, but in case you’re not familiar with the BBC Style Guide, have a look at the “Clichés and journalese”. Radio 4’s Word of Mouth, on the other hand, deals with the joy of language. Have you heard it at all? I’ve lots archived, if interested?

    P.S.Hope the hyperlinks work alright. I can’t recall if the comment formatting in wordpress defaults to allowing “href” tags or not!

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