4 comments on “No Sea Shanties Or Singalongs

  1. Great that Nick Drake’s music has continued to delight more and more as the years have gone by. There is a fantastic documentary about him called ‘A Skin Too Few’ in which his sister wonders if he was born with ‘a skin too few’ – hence his sensitivity. I know what you mean about Cobain; I wonder if Drake could have handled success. In another era – this one, perhaps, he would have been blogged everywhere and sold records off the back of that. But he left three amazing albums, and like the death of John Martyn this week, a reminder of how there may be many singer-songwriters out there, but some of them totally broke the mould.

  2. Kurt Cobain would be in his 40s now, try to imagine what kind of music he’d be making (think ‘John Lennon’ at time of his death).

  3. Good blog with some really interesting posts.

    I am not sure how Kurt or Ian Curtis for that matter would be doing in terms of music. Curtis was so young and surely would have had lots more to offer. I have a feeling they would have become the biggest band in the world.

    I love the festive 50 and have just created a spotify playlist for John Peel Festive 50 1988 come and have a listen.

  4. Apologies for plugging myself, “As the actress said to the bishop”, but I’m still deperately keen to obtain the original non-brad pitt version Nick Drake documentary that was broadcast on BBC Radio 2, as featured here: Lost Boy: In Search Of Nick Drake.

    If anyone can help it’ll make a great many people very happy. :D

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