8 comments on “Four In The Morning

  1. Ah…great song. I remember reading in Smash Hits (this was twenty one years ago, and I was only eleven after all!) that McAloon has considered offering ‘The King Of Rock’n’ Roll’ to Bowie. We can only speculate what it would have been like. It probably would have been better than his take on ‘Don’t You Forget About me’ which Bowie turned down, then Bryan Ferry, then Billy idol, before Simple Minds took it on. I’m rambling…but thanks again for posting this! Hope the job front is looking better.

  2. Love love love the Sprout; Steve McQueen is one of those albums I can put on and listen to all the way through in one sitting, no fast forwards not skipping.

    Meanwhile, my secret pleasure is country: my mum was a huge country fan so I know all the old classics, even love the more modern stuff.


  3. A dissent, if you will: Most of what is passed off as country music these days has as much connection with true country music as soyburgers do with sirloin. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy Brooks & Dunn and a number of the current artists played on so-called country stations. But for real country music, if you dig into Hank Williams, his predecessors, and his contemporaries, you’ll find a genre of music that was the sound of the poor and the dispossessed, those who found themselves close to the bottoms of both the social and economic ladders. At a guess, I’d say it was sometime in the mid- to late 1960s when country music as produced in Nashville lost its way. (One reaction to that came when Waylon and Willie and a few others started the so-called “outlaw” movement.) I’m by no means an expert, but it seems to me that pre-1965 – to estimate a time-frame – country was as vital as, say, the blues in being a voice of rural America.

  4. Ed: I cannot but agree, my man: it seemed that Bowie had a cottage industry of turning down songs. Maybe he thought his own material was better than what he was offered.
    Dick: Loves ya too, matey. Thanks for sticking with me through my recent turbulent times, and my dearth of posts.
    Whiteray: As ever, a considered and thought-provoking reply. It’s all down to personal preference, and even I have to admit that it’s not all crap. The best country songs seem to me to offer a dissolution of the boundaries between genres. I challenge anyone to be totally unaffected by the magnificent portrait of loneliness and longing as depicted in Glen Campbell’s ‘Wichita Lineman’, for example. But it’s still a genre I have never come to terms with as a whole, and have given up trying.

  5. Hi!

    Didn’t know this page even existed. Don’t think I’ll be getting to bed too early tonight.

    Anyway, I’ve just uploaded a home-made video to Faron Young (Truckin’ mix).
    See what you think, all the photos are of Faron Young!


  6. Hi vegetableman.
    Your single comment has had a considerable effect on me (as has your excellent video). As a result, I plan to upload all of my old blogspot links for those of you who missed them. Watch this space! Take care, and visit often.

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