11 comments on “Carnival Time

  1. Cheers for that one Steve, been after this one for quite a while. Im now a FF competist


  2. Nice post Steve. Didn’t know the 77FF was self-compiled and I’d always kind of wondered about King Short Shirt. Good link too, cheers!

  3. There ya be.
    Was wondering, ‘How are things in your little world?’

    Glad you’re safe n sound cobber.

  4. Thanks for the appreciation, people: I’ve been a bit snowed under in my new job, so the creative juices haven’t been flowing as well as they might, but don’t go away: I’ll be back on form, you mark my words.

  5. Thank you very much, Gary and Eduardo. I apologise if I misled you on 17 Seconds, Ed: I should have explained that the shock of being suddenly dumped by someone I thought I could trust has made me very unsociable recently, but this is Korea, and I was back in work within a week. Thanks for caring, guys…more posts soon.

  6. Steve, please check the links for these in newindex.html

    Peel Show 1995-05-19 pt 1.mp3 14/02/2009
    Peel Show 1995-05-19 pt 2.mp3 14/02/2009
    Peel Show 1995-05-19 pt 3.mp3 14/02/2009

  7. Thanks very much for that ‘anonymous’ (even though I know very well who you are…).

  8. I love King Short Shirt. I first heard his music in a documentary about Jewish American Anarchists. It was “Power and Authority” that played with the credit roll at the end. I since have acquired several albums and am always delighted with new favorites.

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