4 comments on “King Midas In Reverse

  1. An excellent track. Reportedly John Lennon’s favourite single of that year, and clearly an influence on future Festive Fifty acts, especially Joy Division and The Stranglers.

  2. Very pretentious, not a good idea to have a lead singer who believes his own hype to this extent. Also, he was a genuinely crap poet. Many fans consider these some of Morrison’s finest lyrics, which is funny when you consider they were written by Robbie Krieger.

    ‘Never trust a band who don’t have a regular bass player’

    John Entwistle of The Who

  3. Ed: Yes buddy, made me see the Inspiral Carpets in a different light.
    Adam: I definitely see where you’re coming from mate: I like a different perspective on things, especially where something or someone is taken as above criticism. Which nobody is. Great to have you back!

  4. Great to be back! I think you got my point exactly. They made some great music and I have all of their albums but I really went off the whole ‘cult of Morrison’ thing when I visited his grave in Paris and found it populated by the biggest group of knobheads that planet Earth was capable of assembling… that and the disrespect shown to other graves, including Oscar Wilde’s, which had been covered with ‘Jimbo this way’ graffiti. Also, I read somewhere that he was a really crap pool player.

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