8 comments on “Paint It Black

  1. Perfect timing – I’m on a right ol’ buzz for these sort of manic mixes.. the tracks at the end’s are belters. Have you checked out his All Mixed Album (you can grab it for one earth pound via Amazon)..

    I can’t recommned a trip to Soundhog’s site for some mental mash-up mixes
    XFM Scotland Crush Mix is 20 minutes of geniusness

    And cassette themed comps, IE 2 mixes of 45 mins with a handwritten tracklisting

    I’ve only tried Soundhog Mix90 #3 Something To Make Us All Happy – so far but it’s unreally good, (and includes the Not The Nine O Clock News theme)

  2. Thanks, Mondo! This just might tempt me to put some more of the same up: and I will check your links when I have a break.

  3. Another excellent post Steve…hope you’re well, and looking forward to catching up on the next installment. Ed

  4. Many thanks, Adam, Dick and Ed: it’s been hard getting posts out recently, but I will try harder.

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