11 comments on “The Day I Didn’t Meet John Peel

  1. A fantastic piece. Bizarrely, the bass player in the Prats was a guy called Tom Robinson (no, not that one!) who went on to manage Fopp in Edinburgh, employing amongst others over time: Drew who records as Wounded Knee (gets mentioned in the Wire), Ali Robertson (who records as part of Usurper, and also often gets mentioned in the Wire), Tony Taylor who is Ex Lion Tamer on 17 Seconds Records), Paul Mckeachen from local the X-vectors…oh yes, and me. And he’s a Hibs supporter, which is a good thing, obviously. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Oh, he’s a really nice guy too, shoulda mentioned that, being one of the first places to say they’d stock 17 Seconds Records products.

  3. Back to your best Steve.

    Top real world nostalgia and a lesson indeed. You weren’t to know then what you know now.

    And it’s good to see your soul – it’s so pink and perky with lashings of candid charisma.

    Thanks for the memory.

  4. Hey Dick, what a lovely guy you are (but I’ve always known that). Maybe I should do more of these!

  5. I was lucky to meet the man in Covent Garden in 1983. He was on his way to the BBC studios after being at the Rock and Pop awards. He had was obviously fed up with the results as when I mentioned that Paul McCartney had won best pop video for Pipes of Peace he commented sums the fucking night up. I offered to take him for a drink but he said he had a show to do and then he disappeared into the night. I treasure this meeting and will pass the story onto my grandchildren

  6. Also never met the man and also missed out in somewhat similar circumstances. This post made me cry.

  7. Davy: As ever, succinct and speaking volumes. I will take your advice to heart, sir.
    fatbhoyjim: Great memory, thanks for contributing!
    Adam: Ah, my soul brother, how similar we are. Thank you for the thumbs-up.

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