9 comments on “Wahndoofreefah

  1. One of my all time favourite bands. I think John Savage, in his book England’s Dreaming, states that “after the first three albums, infinity beckons” which is pretty accurate but I still love the band nonetheless. The band, as you pointed out, was very influential yet no one else sounded like them. All together now – Gabba Gabba Hey!

  2. Great stuff, though I will stand up for ‘Baby I Love You’ which I think is as valid a cover as the Slits doing ‘I Heard It through The Grapevine.’ Good to see you back again!

  3. FIG: Some pertinent points there, sir! Thanks for the quote, too.
    Eduardo: We’ve all got our favourites, so I respect yours! I’m trying, buddy, I’m trying. Three posts in two days…I dug out your phone number today, and will probably call you next weekend, if that’s OK.

  4. Quote: “we all know and love them, but few can readily distill their appeal.”

    I’ll give it a shot. I think it’s their pop sensibilities, simple as that. Most of their best songs are great pop songs that happen to be ‘punk’. Years ago my dad, who was about 70 at the time and whose idea of good pop was 60’s beat music, picked up a Ramones tape in a job lot at a car boot sale and thought it was great. It’s hard to imagine him liking any other ‘punk’ band (except maybe The Buzzcocks).

  5. Hey, Mick, lovely to have you back mate! I do believe you’ve nailed it: very much the same reason that the Jesus And Mary Chain were so celebrated, I believe, their songs being actually just damned good tunes, reminiscent of Spector and surf music, but covered in an ocean of feedback.

  6. I saw my 8 year old cousin this weekend as part of a family gathering. She was wearing a Ramones t-shirt. She picked it out herself. Her dad can’t believe it, especially as she now likes the music too. All because some random children’s clothes company is selling childsize band t’s.

  7. My 9 year old wants a Ramones T-shirt he saw in Next. He’s got some ripped jeans he wants to wear it with. Sometimes thay make you so proud.

  8. Great to be reminded. Hate to do this but the lyric from Rockaway Beach is wrong, should read. Bus Ride is too slow. They blast out (the) Disco on the Radio.

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