6 comments on “The Rolling Stones

  1. I was working at the Virgin Megastore when this came out, and it was on constantly. I did love it, but in hingsight I was more of a Happy Mondays kind of fella.

  2. I lived on a island in the med when this was posted out to me on cassette. Cruising in my red XR3i (I know, I know – but it was 20 yrs ago), the sea never seemed so blue, the sunshine so warm and the beer so cold as when this shared my days and nights.

    It was the best thing I’d heard for a long time.

    Thank you for the write up and the insight.

  3. Glad you all enjoyed it. Adam, I was shocked to discover that there was no page on the Peel Wiki for that show, so thanks for the alert, and I’ve now made amends. People are of course directed to you for the download!

  4. I felt so cool in my Made of Stone T-shirt at 14…admittedly it was already 1991, but in some ways I love Made Of Stone more than Fools Gold. Rumpurs continue to abound of them reforming…in the nicest possible way, i hope niether them nor the Smiths do, even though i never saw either of them live.

  5. Giuseppina, please don’t put tasteless jokes on my blog. I’m sure my mother, who’s been a widow for six years, wouldn’t see the funny side. Comment deleted.

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