A Forgotten Session

Punk rock pose! Shame we didn't hear more fom them.
Punk rock pose! Shame we didn't hear more fom them.

Spring is rapidly turning to summer out here, with the usual days of heat interrupted today by persistent rain, and our thoughts turn inevitably to those bands whose unenviable legacy to the Peel Show  was one session that was broadcast and then quietly confined to the Maida Vale archives. Terrashima laid down four blistering, noisy tracks on the 3 December 2002, apparently getting JP’s approving nod: he called it ‘rousing vulgarity of the kind we crave on this programme’.

They were formed in Derby at the turn of the twenty-first century: Mark Ibbetson (vocals); Ryan DelGaudio (guitar); Mike Cross (bass); and Dan Montague (drums), replacing original drummer Andy, had already had a single out on Blast First called ‘Losing My Grip’. Thrashy punk revivalists to be sure, but this has so much panache and fire that it deserves a wider audience. They evidently had a strong following on their home turf, but were unable for whatever reason to translate this into commercial success. No album followed, and Mark split with the band, who apparently continued as a three-piece, sharing lead vocals, and then resurfaced as The Swarm (for more info read here). This video uses one of the tracks they recorded for the session as a backdrop to a scene from a classic Korean film called ‘Oldboy’, which I have yet to see but is apparently Kafka with a modern slant.

The session was never repeated by Peel, but luckily some kind soul recorded the show, and all the tracks were ripped in pristine quality by my good self for your listening pleasure. The Swarm have now split up, but are apparently having another go as Wander Phantom. Many thanks to Rob for the extra information provided above: he relates that he wanted to release their first single through Artists Against Success, but this never happened. (N.B. If some of what I have written seems familiar to Peel Wiki regulars, it’s because I wrote that page on the band too.)

Terrashima, Peel Session 2002-11-07
50 Reasons To Bomb America/War Machine/Say Your Prayers/Trapped Inside

3 thoughts on “A Forgotten Session

  1. Hi Simon. I cannot but agree with you. Glad you stopped by, and be warned there’s more in the pipeline!

  2. Terrashima were indeed an underground sensation in Derby and Nottingham and caused a storm with some legendary gigs in London. Their manager David Bianchi of Grand union records has many a story to tell about them being banned from almost every place they ever played, getting kicked off a tour with Raging Speedhorn and Il Nino on the first night(!!!) and so forth.
    I think the reason they didnt quite make it a bigger scale is because they were to weird for punk, not technical enough for metal and just unmanageable generally due to the problems within the group as I
    heard that lead singer Mark was had a manic personality and was always clashing with Ryan the guitarist and songwriter.
    A terrific live act, the only band on the planet where every instrument would get destroyed, the singer would be on fire or performing with a plastic bag on his head with the drum kit flying through the
    air and they still managed somehow to play a song!!!

    Mike the bass player is now doing a band called Wander Phantom while Ryan the guitarist is enjoying success with psychedelic rock group The Cult of Dom Keller and also writing/recordin/producing avant garde psyche noise with weird act Psychotic Tapestries.

    wander phantom can be found at http://www.myspace.com/wanderphantom

    the cult of dom keller can be found at http://www.myspace.com/domkeller

    psychotic tapestries can be found at http://www.myspace.com/psychotictapestries

    RIP Terrashima

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