5 comments on “From The Ground Up

  1. I’ve never booted anyone up the backside in my life – maybe that’s why the world’s in such a mess hahaha!

    I came home from the pub one evening and caught the end of the first ever Festive Fifty – and I’ve been hooked ever since!

    Annoying Festive Fifty trivia: the only Youtube video of Generation X’s Wild Dub (number 49 in 1977) is one featuring my cat!

  2. Well there’s a tonic for the troops. A pandemic outbreak of toppermost morale and no mistake. Here’s to Mr Vegetable and his carrot.

    Christmas! Whey hey.

  3. Cool stuff. A lot of blogs, mine included, for all sorts of reasons haven’t been firing on all cylinders for a little while, but there appears to be a bit of an energy rush amongst a lot of places I visit. It’s a good thing!

  4. Vegetableman: Yes, matey, you’ve started a good thing here. Wild Lily is a lovely animal, by the way.
    Dick: Hi there old mucker. My idea is to devote the whole of TK in December to Peel stuff themed around Christmas, since that’s the only time anybody’s likely to want it. Any ideas for a temporary name for the blog that month?
    Simon: Always loved your writing too, mate. The piece you wrote about clubbing with the Sabres Of Paradise d/l sticks in the memory.
    Ed: My dear old mate, thank you. I don’t visit you as often as I should, but it’s comforting to know you’ll always be there.

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