9 comments on “‘People changing their votes along with their overcoats’…30 years on

  1. Fine bit of writing, mate. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about how brilliant this song was/is. “Turning rebellion into money.” I’m writing from the States, and even though we may have not have gotten every Brit reference the Clash made, the undeniable power of the songs shone through. Luckily enough I caught them 3 or 4 times here, including being at the Palladium in NYC when Simenon smashed his guitar onstage, and still have the ticket stub to prove it. Undertones opened that night, followed by soul legends Sam & Dave… a once in a lifetime show!

  2. Hi Steve, fantastic bit of writing, as ever. My favourite Clash song of them all. Was too young to see them live, but I did get to see Joe Strummer playing with the Mescaleros at T in the Park in 2002 when they played this, and whilst it might not have been on the scale of the gig the Warden describes above, I got to see Strummer live, and that’s something I’ll trasure. Hope you’re well, have been ill for last couple of months but will catch up soon. : )

  3. @Ed: missed a chance to see Joe & the Mescos here in NYC. Always thought we’d have him around for a lot longer. Hope you’re doing better as well.

  4. Great piece, great tune. What’s most apparent on this too, which is less overt on other Clash tracks but still there is their sense of humour. Even when they were at their most furious there was still time for laughter. Life affirming laughter or gallows humour? Well, aren’t they same anyway?

  5. Take your time with the old posts, Steve. Summer’s here and nobody should be expected to work too hard.

  6. The Palais was a great place for concerts, I saw a lot of shows there in the early 80s. My parents met there too.

    I’m surprised they still had live bands on there in 2007 though, in the late 80s it became a chrome meat market disco called Le Palais and I thought it stayed that way until closed.

  7. Thanks for all your comments, everybody. I’m sorry to hear about your illness, Eduardo, I hope you’re fully recovered now.
    When you say ‘bang on target; dick, do you mean the post or the comment about me being a lazy sod? he he. Great to have you back here.

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