9 comments on “Give Us Our Daily Bread In Individual Slices

  1. Blood And Chocolate is one of my all time favourite albums. I have never tired of it from the day I first heard it to now.

  2. Clover weren’t a ‘studio band’…they were an American country-rock band who’d been around since the late sixties…I saw them supporting Thin Lizzy at The Apollo,Glasgow in the mid-seventies and pretty good they were too…however,they were also responsible for giving member Huey Lewis a leg-up to…well,let’s leave it at that…

  3. B&C was the first Costello album I heard in its’ entirety.

    Thinking about Elvis Costello, though you haven’t posted it here, Shipbuilding remains one of the best tracks he wrote, making it into the FF covered by Robert Wyatt. What Costello’s version has that Wyatt’s doens’t is Chet Baker’s trumpet…wonder what Wyatt’s version would have been like with ‘that’ trumpet in it…sorry to pontificate!

  4. You really think he was more of an album artist than a singles one? I’d say he was both, at least for the first half of his career when he actually had chart hits.

  5. I love “Watching the Detectives,” probably because of its use as a theme song for a public television show (The History Detectives), but for some reason, I never connected it . . . As always, I learned something. (I got knocked off the horse, but I’m back up in new digs: http://niagaseohce.wordpress.com/ )

  6. Whiteray, why was your blog deleted? I’d be interetsed to know.
    Lee, i thought I made it clear that he did have a good amount of chart hits: I was just expressing a personal take on the matter. You have a point, I just think it’s similar to mine…thanks for stopping by!
    Lot of big-ups for Blood And Chocloate…and rightly so. Thanks all!

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