10 comments on “Goodnight, thank you, now it’s time to go home

  1. Hi Steve,

    If you cut and paste this link you’ll find a downloadable demo of Sultans of Swing: http://www.thefrontloader.com/2009/06/20/this-weeks-top-5-most-played-songs-from-swaps-itunes-33

    This was posted by a guy called Swapmeet Louie on 20 June 09. This was the first record that got me into the Straits but they were always a bit of a guilty pleasure and I can’t say I appreciated anything after the third album. They’ve been uncool for soo long but I don’t suppose anyone cares anymore. Like most bands, the earliest material is the best. I still play the first album (once every 10 years or so!)

    Keep up the good work


  2. I liked it then and I like it still; hard to remember that back then they were just a little known ex pub-rock bunch, rooted in Geordie blues and Bob and blessed with a nifty guitarist. With all the gathering fakery at the time, this sounded malty.

    PS: Side 1? ‘Making Movies’? Really rather good.

  3. Dang it! That’s what happens when you choose Universal Music for your videos. So I’ve added their appearance on the OGWT instead. Thanks Davy: lovely to see you here again. Cheers for the link, Martin: this isn’t the 7 inch, but still fascinating to hear for the first time! Cheers each!!!

  4. Steve, I’ve got the single somewhere. I didn’t realise it was different to the LP version although I have heard it on the radio and thought ‘that doesn’t sound right’. I’ll dig it out and rip it sometime soon. I’ll warn you now I don’t think it sounds great because I loaned it to somebody and god knows what he did to it but it never sounded the same again. The bugger ruined my Rush Farewell To Kings LP too (now there’s a guilty secret revealed). He wanted to borrow my Red Noise Sound-on-Sound LP but I learned my lesson and told him to F- off.

  5. I still love this song, and think Communique the second album that didn’t really have any hits (apart from Lady Writer) is rather good. However, that sax solo on ‘Your Latest Trick’ -yuck!!

  6. Mick: Hi old buddy. lovely to see you in my neck of the woods again! That would be great, and the surface noise would probably add to the charm. I know what you mean about lending your LPs to ‘friends’: the same thing happened with my Wish You Were Here. Mind you, he managed to scratch one complete groove and left the rest untouched, so I should probably have given him praise for his creativity.
    Ed: How are you, my friend? Glaad my last post cheered thee up. I must admit, I never noticed that sax was so bad…until I actually thought about it and realised how much it sounds like part of the soundtrack to the sort of crap film made in Holland in about 1973. If you get my drift.

  7. Hey…..whats up with “The Latest Trick” digs??? Of course, I am a huge MK fan and love almost everything he has done solo or with D. Straits, but I think the sax in that song is supposed to sound lonely and sad – I think its great. I am a musician, accomplished on keyboards, guitar, mandolin and compose music, but that doesn’t mean everything I hear is to everyones liking. Sorry you don’t hear it the same way and don’t appreciate as much as I do. I do believe that when MK quit smoking, his voice greatly improved. Are you familiar with his recent band members? some great musicians who are really tight. Although not a recent release, try CD, “Sailing to Philadelphia”. just a though,.

  8. Latest Trick is just plain horrid. I liked the anecdote in ‘Margrave’ about JP meeting them in Niagara Falls and trying to hide from them after having somewhat badmouthing their work and vowing never to play them. Turned out they didn’t really care and were jolly nice chaps.

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