8 comments on “The Drugs Don’t Work

  1. I love this tune. I was working at the Virgin Megastore when it was out, and it was our theme tune for nights out. Even now when I hear it I just want to smile!

  2. Hi Simon, glad you enjoyed this. I worked for Our Price at the same time, but moved to Virgin two years later. Small world, eh?

  3. Ah…went through a phase of hating this, but as one hit wonders go (well, one hit and a couple more no one remembers) this is fun. Had this played at my thirtieth birthday party a few years back, which invoked much ‘oh wow…remember…?’ from the assembled guests.

  4. Ed: I think that says it all. How you doing, buddy?
    Simon: Plymouth. Not a happy time, unfortunately, and it’s now disappeared, along with the Our Price I used to work at too.
    Coop: You’ve got a bit of a cheek, haven’t you? If you want to advertise your blog, you should ask me first. You didn’t even link to mine. So sorry, comment deleted.

  5. I’ve always loved to love this. Bought the 12″ from the Tower Records on Broadway on my very first trip to New York so it brings back many happy memories. The ‘World Clique’ album is fabulous too.

  6. I loved this record and was very unhappy that Steve Miller’s ‘The joker’ was artificially ‘promoted’ to #1 in its place on the back of having made a bigger leap up the charts, even though the two records had sold the same quantity.

    BTW, I’ve moved home and you can now find me at fadesinslowly.com

    Keep up the good work as ever Steve!

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