6 comments on “Five Years Gone

  1. Has it been five years already? Sheesh. I had no idea Adam was behind the Peel Wiki btw; devious bastard isn’t he? A fitting tribute S x

  2. A fantastic tribute. Had ‘Does this train stop on merseyside yesterday’ on the iPod and had to play it again. Just brilliant! Hope you’re both well, Ed

  3. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. Was playing a recording of his Grime special the other day and it really summed up what he and his show was about.

    As for Julie Burchill’s caustic article back when he first died, she wasn’t even factually correct in her assertions that he didn’t support or play black music. Not only was he one of the first to champion the newly emerging rap coming over from the States, but all the way through the 80’s and 90’s when I most listened to him he played and supported UK reggae, Uk hip hop, played proper import reggae/ragga 45’s from Jamaica (rather than safe pop-reggae), pushed the electronica scene and most latterly, jungle/drum’n’bass and grime.

    RIP John.

  4. Great tribute, my good man. Mine should be up tomorrow in the form of part 7 of my seventy songs. Couldn’t put it better than you have here, though.

    Perfect song, makes me cry every time. They played this live at the 2005 European Cup final in Istanbul – I felt even at 3-0 there was no way Liverpool dare lose with the spirit of Peel obviously in attendance.

  5. Thanks everyone. Steph, you have given me an idea for another post: thanks for that and see above.

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