4 comments on “You’re The One That I Want

  1. Hey Adamski, you’re welcome buddy. Glad you liked it! Possibly, the reasons you’ve never heard it are twofold. One, it was never repeated (incredible, but true). As the years went on, session repeats figured less and less in the Peel programme: in fact, for 2002 I can count only thirteen. Peel certainly got out and about in his later years, and the plethora of live programmes from Sonar, the Nottingham Boat Club etc. probably meant there was no need to repeat stuff as there was so much new material around. Which, as we know, was the man’s lifeblood.
    Two, the show containing it, as I fleetingly mentioned, has only been readily available for the last couple of weeks, and I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else. I’m about to do a big feature about other sessions on the Net, so watch this space!!!

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