4 comments on “A Bird In The Hand, etc.

  1. Well, if a job’s worth doing!

    Many thanks Steve. That extra little finesse is so essential.

    With all the due care and attention of the blog artizan that you are – and the kind of attention to detail we’ve come to expect.

    “Something’s going on, a change is taking place
    Children smiling in the street have gone without a trace
    This street used to be full, it used to make me smile
    And now it seems that everyone is walking single file
    And many hang their heads in shame
    That used to hold them high
    And those that used to say hello
    Simply pass you by”.

  2. Aah, ‘Think For A Minute’, a piece of dazzling gold nestling in a cache of diamonds. Thanks for the comment, Dick, and glad this met with your approval, old friend.

  3. Love this band still, caravan of Love was the very first 7″ single I ever bought, and the London 0 Hull 4 album one of the first albums. Happy memories…

  4. Hard to think of many better bands from that era. I was very happy when Hull City won their first four games against London opposition last season.

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