7 comments on “One Night In Bangkok

  1. I was a punk nutter as young’un. But missed the original kick off by a couple of years so only really ever got to see The Damned..and The Ants

    However, over the past few years have managed to tick of few old faves that have reformed/kept going: the Pistols (Hammersmith last year), The Damned, New York Dolls (last Friday). The constant is ~ all are better now than then. There’s no sad cabaret vibe, or reheated hits and highlights. The original energy and passion punches through, and if anything is now focused and contained, rather than chaotic. And there’s no spitting!

    Try and see The Damned if they get out that way. And you must tune into Marco Pirroni’s new band The Wolfmen..

  2. A lovely piece, dale. Really enjoyed reading that. Was it really that many years ago? I’ve started seeing Westy again these days, and I remember first getting into a conversation with him at school cos he was wearing a buzzcocks badge on his John Taylor blazer! Little things like that draw you together when you’re young. And here we are now – 30 years later. How the hell did that happen?!

  3. Hey Dale,

    Glad you had such a good time man. I don’t know if you’re the souvenir type but I’ve got Diggle’s setlist from the night if you want it.


  4. Thanks, Beady. I’ve got Shelley’s setlist, so you can stick Diggle’s in your scrapbook. :)

    We must have been shoulder to shoulder at the gig.

  5. Errr…glad the Dale Farrington Social Club is alive and well. That’s what the Internet is all about, bringing people together. ;-)) Thanks for the excellent review, buddy.
    Did any of the 18 people who have downloaded the sessions so far enjoy them?!?

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