9 comments on “The Fairy On The Tree Top

  1. Super piece Steve.

    Perhaps I’m your No 1 fan on this thread?

    The demise of Top Of The Pops (and the like) must have a significant bearing on the charts. Right across the board, there seems relatively little interest in the Top 10, or 40, or 75 these days. The Christmas number 1 (whatever it is next week) will have a tenth of the interest of those glory years you mention.

    The vast majority of artists can’t ‘shift the units’ any more. Perhaps some good news from this disc demise, is the number of bands now touring in order to make a crust. Over the past week, at the same medium-sized venue in my town, I have seen The Pogues, Echo and The Bunnymen, Madness, and From The Jam. Tonight is PiL (if I had the cash) with the likes of Motorhead and Gary Numan just recently … (if I had the inclination). The Strangles, The Damned, Shed Seven and New Model Army are never far away.

    For this old gipper, seeing bands live is a significant compensatory factor for their lack of chart records.

    Sorry .. I’m rabbitting on.

    Sherry for me.

    I must stand up for Scaffold. They had 3 top 10 hits at least! Respect.

  2. Hi Dick, thanks for the comment, old mate. Take your point about Scaffold. What I was trying to say is that having a Christmas number one can be a one-off, not necessarily the guarantee of a life-long career. The majority of those who had a number one at this time of year, up until the X Factor reared its ugly head, were mostly established acts. For the record, you’re right, the Scaffold had five top 40 hits, three in the top 10, but only one number one, and we haven’t heard from them since 1974. I’ve substituted another name that is a more fitting example. Cheers for the quality control!!!

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  4. Dick: Is that with hollandaise sauce or without?
    Davy: Nice to see you in these parts again, sir. KP or Salters?

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