4 comments on “A Chessmas Carol

  1. I’ll be using that dialogue in class as a case study in discourse analysis in early twenty-first century netspeak. It’s amazing how some people can get so angry with someone they know nothing about or will never meet. I can’t say I’m entirely comfortable with the way that our species is evolving.

  2. I’m with adam.

    I played charades (as you do) with a few folk over the weekend. There were 4 x 14-18 year olds in the room – all bright GCSE or A level students.

    Not one of them was able to convey a meaningful clue in order to successfully mime the answer on their card. Indeed, the concept seemed completely alien to them. Are they losing the art of imagination? Unable to ‘google’ the answer or IM a friend on Facebook, they seemed bereft of decent ideas.

  3. You’ve said it all, guys. Seems like a backward step in evolution. I’m glad you find scott’s witty diatribes worthy of being used in class, Adam. Don’t forget to give him full credit (for having no brain, that is).

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