2 comments on “Junior Kickstart

  1. I’m impressed with Riordan for contacting you. I’ve had a few like that over the three years I’ve been blogging. But more often, it’s not that pleasant. I didn’t even get a note from anyone – incuding WordPress – when my last effort went down. Was it posting the original and five covers of “Watching The River Flow”? (Which would mean it was Dylan’s publishing, I think.) The McGarrigles? I have no idea. But I’m at my own place now: http://echoesinthewind.net/ I’d

  2. Glad to see it all being handled so nicely. This leads to positive feedback from the blogger which in turn leads to people going and investing in the artist. Well done to all parties.

    Having said that, I was looking forward to a video clip of a young biker attempting a bunny hop.

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