Trance Europe Express

'Pretty green eyes.' Darren, you noticed. I'm flattered.

Just a little something for the weekend, chaps and chapesses. I posted Force & Styles’ Fireworks, that scrumptious FF entry from 1996, multiple times, so I thought I’d follow that up with Darren Styles’ solo Peel Session from the last year of John’s life, on 31 August 2004. He gives us nearly half an hour of a trance DJ mix which is really quite stunning, and makes me wonder why John didn’t play more of this stuff on his programme ( though I nearly had a heart attack when he played Lasgo’s Something once in one of those ‘road’ programmes he made to some obscure German or Dutch festival).

Darren Styles, Peel Session

Now he’s finished his UK tour with Ultrabeat, Darren is taking a well-earned rest. Don’t stay away too long mate, or my wife will have no CDs to buy.
What? You didn’t get Fireworks first or second time around? Oh, not again….I’m too good to you.

Force & Styles, Fireworks

Have a happy and noisy time.

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