4 comments on “Progress Report #7

  1. There you are, you old goat.

    Hope all’s well. World Cup is almost upon us. S.Korea up for it? And in’t it nice for the DPR boys to get out a bit.

  2. Hey hey hey, what have I done to deserve this? Two old friends coming back into the fold! Looks like I’ll have to write something worthy of it.
    Well, Dick, if my patch get beyond the group stages, it’ll be a fucking miracle, and NK too come to that (surprised they let them out of the country to play really).

  3. Never far away (in mouse clicks), dear Steve.

    Dunno if you saw this week’s BBC NEWS Special on N Korea, or if you can watch BBC progs online?

    INSIDE NORTH KOREA … “Few journalists are allowed the access to venture through North Korea’s borders. Sue Lloyd Roberts travels to the Korean peninsula for a rare glimpse inside one of the last remaining communist states in the world”.

    Try through

    Half hour insight. Worth a look.

    I’m sure those NK World Cup players will all have ‘an untarnished political background’

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