Birthday Boy

John Robert Parker Ravenscroft was born in Heswall on 30 August 1939, and would have been 71 today. He packed a hell of a lot into those 43 years on the radio (even though it looks like we’ll never get to hear those first five, and I suspect he wouldn’t have wanted us to anyway, sounding as he claimed “like a minor member of the British Royal Family” (several of whom he believed to have gone down below)). So today’s post is in the manner of a retrospective, and I’ll be treating you to some smashing tidbits. Join the party, and don’t forget your glass of red wine.

First off, a few links to Peel birthday shows that have already been widely available on the Wiki (and if you haven’t visited it yet, why not?)
40th birthday shows: 29 August 1979, 30 August 1979
50th birthday show, 30 August 1989
60th birthday show: 31 August 1999
Special birthday show for BFBS in Germany, recorded on his birthday

Secondly, the missing PJ Harvey session live from Maida Vale (many thanks to Martin).
PJ Harvey, Peel Session 1996-10-15
City Of No Sun/Un Cercle Autour/Um With Dead Flowers/Civil War Correspondent

Finally (and a session which I should have posted as a tribute to producer Bernie Andrews), Fleetwood Mac in unbuttoned mood.
Fleetwood Mac, Peel Session 1969-03-10
You’ll Never Know What You’re Missing Until You Try/Blues With A Feeling/Heavenly/Tallahassie Lassie/Early Morning Come

6 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Excellent stuff, had my own show during August and as far as possible I tried to keep it in the spirit of Peel.

    Hope you’re well, Steve!


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