7 comments on “Keeping It Peel

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  2. Hope all is well, Steve, haven’t dropped by for ages. I’ve been manically busy at work and am really missing the old Peel blogging. I’m going to make a real effort with FiS soon, and hope you’ll accept a guest post from me over here too.

  3. Dear dear Adam, I am overjoyed that you haven’t deserted me! I’d love a guest post on here: get in touch at the usual place.
    Whiteray: another who keeps the faith! It’s true, two sessions that Aitken worked on and hated are part of the canon of classics, so as one of the Peel group commented, “Maybe it’s just as well he left when he did.” But we have to be impartial here, don’t we? (As long as you love Peel, that is.)

  4. I remember coming in late from the pub one night. My mother was stood in the doorway on the phone she said: Jeff, theres someone on the phone called John Peel who says he’s NOT going to play your record. I was of course shocked..it was a great record!
    Hello..yes John?
    John Peel “Hi jeff I’ve given your EP a spin and its not working yet..send me the next single and I will give it a go”

    There not much you can say to that but yes we’ll send the next single…he was of course true to his word….the man was a genious

    Yours Jeff (Foreheads in a Fishtank)

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