You Get Orange

The band Read Yellow (Jesse Vuona, guitar; Paul Koelle, drums; Evan Kenney, guitar; and Micheller Freivald, bass, with vocals shared between the three guitarists) recorded one Peel session, and they were noisy sods.  They formed in 2001 in a basement in Amherst, Massachusetts. and in the six years of their existence played gigs to anything between 2 and 10,000 kids. Extreme-Music Blogspot has this to say about a gig he went to:

When Read Yellow started playing, the vocalist/guitarist began screaming and getting right into the audience. During the show, the other guitarist gave his guitar to the audience, and the audience began playing it and making noise on it. They also gave a microphone to the audience, along with a drumstick and a cymbal, to which the audience began making noise with that as well. Near the end of the show, the vocalist/guitarist began throwing his guitar around, and attempting to play it behind his head. Eventually he began jumping around the stage so much that he jumped into the drum kit. The drum kit fell apart, but the drummer attempted to play what was left standing.
I had never been to a live show with that much audience interaction, or that many crazy things happening on stage. I left that show saying “I don’t know if those guy in Read Yellow know how to play, but that was the best live show I’ve seen in my life!”. I’ve been to some great live shows (Suffocation is always fun to see), but nothing quite ever topped that.

We're still waiting for the last part of your Christmas story, asshiole.

Sounds just like my kind of band. Personal recommendation among the four songs on offer below: the single, ‘Model America.’ And they made a lot of people sad when they broke up after releasing the CD Gang Violins, which I’ve never heard but on the basis of this would very much like to. One may feel that this kind of sound has been done elsewhere, but the band have a dedication to intense squalls of sound that still never sacrifice melody or coherence entirely, with a touch of Julian Cope in the vocals to boot.

Read Yellow, Peel Session (2004-02-12)
A Love Supreme/Model America/The Art/The Easiest Part Of Surveillance

5 thoughts on “You Get Orange

  1. Thanks for this, as it turns out it was helpful as “Gang Violins” is in iTunes but the EP and “Radios Burn Faster” aren’t, which we are working on.

  2. Glad you’re back Steve. I’ve genuinely missed your posts. Cracking session by Read Yellow (do you pronounce it “Red” Yellow or “Reed” Yellow?

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