Together In Electric Dreams

99. Electro Hippies (1987-07-12)

Electro+HippiesBefore hitching his wagon definitively to Carcass, Jeff Walker was the mainstay behind this intentionally shambolic band, who never hit the heights to any degree (I think the LP title The Only Good Punk Is A Dead One was meant to be ironic) and lasted for four years before recording their last gig, issuing it as an album and then splitting up. Well, that’s the way to go, and listening to this for the first time in nigh on six years reaffirms my belief that they were at least as good as the Stupids, who slightly beat them to the punch. In any case, 87 was the 10th anniversary of the summer of punk: but the bands who promulgated crust punk didn’t have the tunes and the longevity of their forbears, and by the mid 90s crust and extreme metal were pretty much back in the underground.

However, this is a salutary reminder of those heady days, and certainly Mega-Armageddon Death (one second long, and released as a single together with the equally brief You Suffer from the immortal Napalm Death) can be either taken as a joke or a comment on the fact that in such a situation, one second of music would be a bonus. The band took a fairly aggressive stance on animal rights too, as Sheep testifies. They certainly didn’t outstay their welcome in any respect, and were influential in their brevity (a lesson some bands could do with digesting).

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