Reader’s Digest: 1996

John PeelThis is a new idea, inspired by something I knocked up for a friend. For those of you who want just the Festive Fifty chart records and Peel links alone, I have the answer: it’s all here in one handy file, edited together by me from the available recordings. The 1995 chart knocked Peel sideways and he declared it to be “an especially good one.” The following year was not quite so spectacular, although it had its moments. Half Man Half Biscuit in particular made a splash by returning to the chart for the first time since 1986 (although they broke up that year, they had reformed in 1990). Their number 43 entry proved to be the one and only time that Peel had no idea what he was supposed to be playing, since it was from a session they put down for Mark Goodier’s show when John was sitting in.

Other notable facts about this chart, which was broadcast between 21-29 December 1996: Dick Dale became, at the age of 59, the oldest act to enter (beating the record he established the year before). Kenickie’s number one is the shortest FF chart-topper ever (just two minutes long).

Once again, the Fall had the most entries with three (although they registered a whopping 10 in 1993). So sit back, get some mulled wine on the go and enjoy the fruits of my labours. If I get a good reaction to this, I may well do another. Or not.



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