Spit To See The Shine

It was twenty years ago today… well, it would have been if an old friend had not persuaded me to write this. The piece I wrote about the guy with the mordant but original sense of humour, Vinnie Spit, prompted him to correspond with me, sending me a box full of his music, and then silence (my fault, not his, I hasten to add).

Until this week. Shining out of the coronaviral gloom of a blank year, Vinnie is treating us to a live concert of his music, which, as John said about another band of worthies, “every song title a potential T-shirt.” Tune in this weekend and be entertained like never before…if you’re still up at 2 a.m. in the UK. Vinnie recommends his website for the best view. Thanks for the heads up, guy and here’s a reminder of how it all started: Gourmet Dinner and Spit And Polish.

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