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Hi, I’m Steve, still a 40-something English teacher living in South Korea with an obsession about John Peel’s Festive Fifty (the reason for this blog’s very existence). Teenage Kicks has been running since 2007 on Blogger, but has now moved to a higher plane, and wil bring you all the tracks featured on John’s poll between 1976-2004 (eventually) and a smattering of the wonderful session tracks too.
Please note that (with the exception of self-made podcasts and off-air radio shows, which are widely available anyway), all songs featured are for sampling purposes only. Any requests for reposts of such will not be entertained. If you are the artist involved in the recording (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SELF-IMPORTANT TWATS LIKE WEB SHERIFF) and object to your music being made available for historical example in this way, please get in touch and it will be removed instantly (bearing in mind that members of Jesus Jones, Burning Love Jumpsuit, Spit and Bette Davis and The Balconettes have been only too happy for me to give them the publicity). Keep It Peel! (forever)

Thinking about my next post...

Thinking about my next post...

12 comments on “The Author

  1. The new and improved Kicks: still obsessed about John Peel, after 32 years of listening.

  2. Hi Steve

    My good mate artists Ian Wright (who used to do brilliant drawings for the NME)
    sent me a link to your blog

    Thanks for posting my pic of Paul Weller and Pete Townshend – one of my personal faves – moment in time for sure –
    Funny how all those photos I took for the Face and Melody Maker are now considered to be ‘art’ shown in galleries around the world – at the time I got paid about
    $30 per day. Still no matter cos I was living in a virtual squat in Streatham, my rent was £2.50 per week = just need a few bob for food and entertainment.
    cheers Janette

  3. Thank you for your comment, Janette. It is a stunning picture, and I’m glad you found your way here!

  4. Hi Steve – Paul Riordan here – original member of Mandrake Paddle Ssteamer – great that you have created this page, but not to keen on you giving away the full MP3’s of the music – would be OK if you just maybe give 45/60 second samples – because later in the year we hope to release and album of all the old MPS tracks and by you giving it away it would defeat the object –

    if you wish i could edit them down for you – so you can re up load-
    and when site is ready we could link with you .

    great work but please don’t give people’s music away without their permission .


  5. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment, and for the polite way you handled this issue. Of course I understand your position and have no wish to interfere with the re-release: in fact, if I can get hold of it in Korea, I’ll probably buy it myself! I have deleted the three tracks I had, as per my commitment: if I have achieved something in making people aware of your music, then mission accomplished.
    They originally came from an off-air recording of one of the Peel shows on which he repeated them, and my original interest was the fact that the man himself believed them to have been destroyed, so it’s fantastic that you have all songs waiting for an official issue, and good luck with it. Please let me know when it is ready, and I will alert my readers.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Great site!

    I thought you might be interested in my current project. I’m putting together a book based around the Festive Fifty number ones and the All Time Festive Fifty from 2000, fully illustrated and including some autobiographical observations linked to the tracks.

    I’ve got David Gedge writing the introduction and have have had confirmed contributions (some quotes on their thoughts on being voted into the chart and on Peel himself) from Pixies, Jello Biafra, Neko Case, Credit To The Nation, Cuban Boys and The Only Ones so far.

    Let me know what you think.

    All the best,


  7. Hello Steve. I don’t have your email addy so I’m posting this here.
    Not meant to be blog spam, read on for explanation.

    If it wasn’t for your venerable blog I wouldn’t have realised that it was John Peel’s birthday today (shame on me).

    It was this post coupled with something The Vinyl Villain did a while back that gave me an idea…

    I’ve called it #keeepingitpeel and it’s sort of like a John Peel Day, but for bloggers.

    The day will be 25th October 2010 (the day when we sadly lost the great man) and the aim is that everybody post something for a band who have recorded a Peel Session.

    There are more details on the link below. You have my email address if you want to get in touch.
    Would very much appreciate your help. A plug on here would be a great boost.


    Webbie at F&M

  8. Hi Webbie, I am at if you want to get in touch. I’ve replied to your original post and support your idea 100%. Since I don’t just do this but am also very active on the John Peel Wiki, my time is limited, but I’ll do all I can. Thanks!

  9. Hi Steve,

    I have no idea at all whether this might (still) be of interest for you or anyone else at John Peel Wiki, but I owe some 190 tapes of John Peel’s Music on BFBS, fully completed with tracklisting. So all in all we’re talking about 4700 songs here. I started taping those back in 1983 and continued doing so until the show got sacked by BFBS (whenever that was, 2001 if memory serves). The sound quality should by and large meet with your approval, i would think, some tapes stood the test of time better than others did, but the majority of them is absolutely fine: some atmospheric disturbancies here and there, but those are neglectable. These are the good news, here come the bad news:

    Alas these are not full (then two hours, later just one hour) shows: I used to tape the full show, choose what I liked best and would transfer those tunes to a second tape, along with John’s comments, annecdotes, announcing the records themselves etc. Especially on the early/mid 80’s tapes just short notes (band/title/label) survived, but later on I taped more and more of John’s words and wisdom. But: I can’t provide you with any exact recording dates here, but these could easily be verified by checking when records announced by John as being ‘new’ were released.

    To carry on with the bad news: I would like to share those tapes with you and other fans, but my son (who has his second birthday tomorrow) demands my attention in the very second I enter the house when I come from work late in the afternoon until he goes to bed. This means it will take quite some time before I would be able to transfer even parts of said tapes to DVD or mp3 or whatever … and I’m afraid we’re rather talking about months than weeks here …. but either way: if there’s interest at all, please let me know I will give you all necessary information. An excel sheet with all of the tapes incl. bands and titles is available.

    What do you think?


    Dirk from Germany

  10. hi! i know you say no re-ups, but… any chance of a re-up of The Housemartins Peel Sessions?

    thanks for considering!

  11. Hi Chris, thanks for your request. I’ve been busy elsewhere recently, but will find the time to repost soon. The ‘no re-ups’ does not apply to the sessions because in the majority of cases they have not been commercially released, which certainly applies here. Watch this space!

  12. Hi Steve, Can you tell me who took the photo you posted in you Wiki piece on The White Stripes Peel Sessions? I work with Jack and Third Man Records in Nashville. Thank you so much! -Noah

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