Spit To See The Shine

It was twenty years ago today… well, it would have been if an old friend had not persuaded me to write this. The piece I wrote about the guy with the mordant but original sense of humour, Vinnie Spit, prompted him to correspond with me, sending me a box full of his music, and then silence (my fault, not his, I hasten to add).

Until this week. Shining out of the coronaviral gloom of a blank year, Vinnie is treating us to a live concert of his music, which, as John said about another band of worthies, “every song title a potential T-shirt.” Tune in this weekend and be entertained like never before…if you’re still up at 2 a.m. in the UK. Vinnie recommends his website for the best view. Thanks for the heads up, guy and here’s a reminder of how it all started: Gourmet Dinner and Spit And Polish.

Spit And Polish

Well, my little blog’s fame is spreading (albeit slowly). I can now count one more famous reader amongst my ranks. I recently featured the 12 inch of Road Pizza (FF 1988 #32) by Spit, which is basically Vinnie Spit himself and an entourage of musicians. The man himself has actually written to little ol’ me, and a nice guy he really is. He said:

I saw the article you wrote about me on your John Peel blog. Thanks – very kind. John Peel was the best. He’s a legend and his impact on the evolution of music is massive. It’s so cool you have put this together.

In fact, he has given permission for me to post the two tracks I feature today, both from his CD You Would If You Loved Me. The first is a must for Peelites, as it features John introducing Pizza, and you can hear the enthusiasm pour out of him (he compares the guitar style to Duane Eddy’s). Obviously, several introductions have been spliced together and looped: this is followed by the album version of Pizza, which is shorter and tighter (following JP’s suggestion). Contact Vinnie here, see some video files, listen to some more music (including Tu Culo Mi Culo) or read some really out there messages. I like him and his sense of humour a lot. Thanks, Vinnie.

Gourmet Dinner

I had to look it up in the Urban Dictionary: a ‘road pizza’ is ‘a dead animal in the road. The result of getting hit by a car or truck, flattened out red and resembling pizza’. I also had to look up Vinnie Spit, who recorded Road Pizza (FF 1988 #32), an NTS 12 inch celebration of ‘dead squirrel, dead cat’ which seemed to delight JP (‘I would probably have voted for that one myself’). I found this:

Playing over thirty instruments, Vinnie SPIT creates and records all his music himself. He employs the help of his wife, Mistress Jacqueline, and others to help him hammer out his sophisticated arrangments live. His live demeanor can best be described as a cross between a male stripper and a game show host. Mr. SPIT incorporates combinations of music, poetry, short stories, contests, choreographed dancing, audience participation, along with a variety of stage antics into what is now being called a Burlesque show for the new millenium.
On record, his musical styles run the gamut. From beat steady industrial anthems to powerful cyber-punk jaunts to big band swing tunes to full-blown orchestral pieces, Vinnie SPIT displays an amazing flair for composition. His use of verbal soundbites from radio, television, and film mixed with his own dynamic vocals carriage the listener from serious reflection to hysterical laughter….His LP, “You Would if You Loved Me”, was nominated for best LP for 1989 by WMMR radio in Philadelphia and Big Shout Magazine. He was proclaimed a local hero by The University of Delaware newspaper and has charted on almost every college station in the country. [from here]

So now you know. Never a shrinking violet, Mr. Spit has a predilection for titles to the extreme left of Frank Zappa: to name but a few, If I Ever Meet God I’m Gonna Punch Him In The Face, White Man’s Balls, My Finger Has Been More Places Than My Hand, Snot Rag, and the compassionate, sensitive Shake Your Ass ‘Till A Turd Flies Out are the more repeatable entries. Pizza itself is a thundering monster of a high speed car-driving song with shades of Zodiac Mindwarp (remember him?). Vinnie, who now lives in North Hollywood, apparently formed the band in 1985 and started by touring Philadelphia with his act, moving on to his first LP Thrust and Disgust (1986). Though he records all his own music, artists like Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys have also appeared on his albums. Make friends with him on his MySpace.