8 comments on “A Leap In The Dark

  1. Wow! These are amazing! Your blog/website just gets better and better. I was one who voted for Peel Sessions only when you asked a while back but I realise that I was very very wrong indeed because these are absolute gems. Can I be a little cheeky and ask for more please? I understand your frustration over lack of responses to your considerable efforts but please don’t be disheartened – I for one think is the best site on the web. Thanks loads for your efforts.

  2. The kind of comment I only dream of getting. No, you weren’t wrong to vote for what you liked as opposed to what you hadn’t heard yet. That is what John was all about: no doubt if you voted now the choices might be radically different, and I would be flattered to think that I had played any part in this. There are many corners of the sessionography that I feel are unfairly neglected, and I’ve come to realise that TK can extend its remit to cover this.
    And it’s not cheeky to ask for more! That just makes me feel I’ve done my ‘job’, if you can call it that. I hesitate to ask you to provide a list, though, since I’ve said before I don’t do requests: let’s just say that your plea hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, and please return, as there’s plenty more where that came from. All the very best to you!

  3. Great stuff, as ever. Been on my summer hols, hence not been dropping by too much. Hope all is well at your end.

  4. To Whom It May concern,

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  5. Dance Fault session seems to have been deleted.
    Any chance you could please re-upload it?
    A big, big thank you for the other sessions.
    I love this blog.

  6. Hi PeelFan, my apologies for the dead link: not my ‘fault,’ I assure you. It’s now been restored, so download at will. I will also work on the other files you asked about elsewhere. Thank you so much for the kind comments: this has led to a revival of my interest here. Watch this space….

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