21 comments on “Stupid Useless Fat Bitch

  1. You’re half right, Lee. Since this is a blog about part of John’s work, it’s not unreasonable that I hold him in high esteem. Burchill rightly says he is a kind of sacred cow in that he is unreasonably assumed to be immune from criticism. But my point is that if one wishes to make this kind of attack on a person, one should at least get one’s facts right, and even more so if one makes a living from it. Maybe my idolatry of the man (which I think is richly deserved) blinds me to some of his more unlikable facets. Her professed hatred of him has blinded her to all his good ones.

  2. This is tremendous blogging Steve. Really enjoyed it.

    I suspect Ms B has it in for all white middle-aged blokes. She’d probably only like me if I had a fully charged black latex cock with an end that wobbles and spins ’round.

    I wonder what JP felt at the time about her piece? Bothered, wounded, blissfully unaware?

    I admired the man greatly and enjoyed so much of his words and music. Like most however, I thought that a large portion of what he played was different … but pants.

    Perhaps it is her failing to see both sides which sets Ms Burchill out as an oxygen thief?

  3. Right on the button, mate. I cannot honestly say that 100% of what he played was to my liking either (likewise, do all David Bowie fans love his entire output?), and I suspect that he put some tracks in for effect rather than their aesthetic value! Nonetheless, what remains is enough to keep me happy for a lifetime, and your comments are enough to make me laugh for years. Cheers buddy!

  4. Go to bed laughing our kid. It must be jolly late over yonder? It’s a school night and you’ll never get up in the morning. I’m off to clean me shoes and watch Stars On Sunday.

  5. Bloody Hell Steve, what an awful post. Everything was going fine and then that picture slowly but surely appeared on my creaky, ten-year-old PC. There’s a reason why nobody will ask me to write Thatcher’s obituary when she eventually crocks it; there’s no way I could produce a balanced objective piece. Then again, I’m not paid to be a journalist, while this vile human being is.

    I want everyone reading this blog to focus on that picture and repeat the word ‘donut’ until you can actually feel her getting fatter and uglier.

  6. Julie Burchill has less integrity than a nazi. She makes herself out to be some working-class feminist – and conveniently forgets that she wrote for the mail On Sunday for a considerable time. Thank god she doesn’t write for the Guardian anymore. As for bragging about the way she left her one-time husband [Tony Parsons] holding the baby…it’s appalling when blokes do this, it doesn’t advance the equality cause any more by you doing this, Ms. Burchill. Oh, and listen, lady: you are intrinsically middle-class. Just because your dad was a communist and cried when the Berlin Wall came down because ‘they’d lost.’ I am fed up with having to apologise for being middle-clas; difference is, I accept that I am. Get a grip – your teenage years ended thirty years ago. Your adolescence still continues.

  7. So you attack Burchill (whose comments were rude and out of order) with comments that are on her level? That’s not particularly sensible. What’s the relevance of her being fat got to do with anything? That’s personal and immature, to be honest and is irrespective of her comments. Pot, kettle…

  8. Ed: Yes, absolutely. Once again, valid criticism of somebody who repeatedly could not hold the mirror up to her own face. Which leads to…
    OT: The title is purely subjective, I’ll grant you. You have every right to your opinion, OT, just as I have to mine, but you appear to have missed the main tenor of my argument. As to the fat reference, Burchill herself made a virtue out of it: can I just for a second remind you of what she said above? “Everyone’s got a right to get old and fat – hell, it’s practically my raison d’être.” And she’s proud of this? What she is seems to me to be indivisible from what she says. When you get somebody who is patently a media tart and admits to being a slob and a liar, that’s what makes my blood boil, and how I choose to put it is up to me. I also resent implicitly being put in the same category as a parasite who lives off rubbishing other people when she is so much worse. That’s it.

  9. Excellent piece.

    The whole ‘white desert’ remark from Burchill which partly underlined her vitriolic piece about Peel couldn’t have been further from the truth – which goes to prove that she probably never even listened to the great man’s show to know what she then spouted about.

    Peel for me has always been there and lent his support to black and black-originated music. As I said in a previous comment, during the 80s and very early 90s, and especially before Radio One finally caught on to the popularity of dance and black music in this country (partly kicked up the back-side by the legalisation of Kiss FM), Peel was one of the few places nationally you could hear proper imported Jamaican reggae and dub, African music, and UK and US hip-hop.

    Throughout the 90’s and 00’s, he continued his support by playing jungle, grime and all manner of genre fusions in-between.

  10. Thank you so much Steph for commenting: since you inspired me to write this in the first place, it’s fitting that you should have the last word on it. And you are so so right: in fact, John’s support of black music goes back even further, if my memory serves me right, as he played Andy Capp’s ‘Pop A Top’ back in 69, when reggae etc. was not even considered (serious) music, and got no end of stick for doing so.
    Thanks to all who have commented, even my only negative one from OT. I don’t exist just to blow smoke up my arse, as Gordon Ramsay would put it, and debate is always healthy. This post was on my mind for a long time: I’m glad I’ve vented my anger, and am cheered that you share my views.

  11. From the same newspaper:

    ‘Every so often, John was pilloried for not playing black music – absurd, really, as reggae and, latterly, hip-hop, were a staple ingredient of his shows. (He was even driven to seek police advice after the National Front responded to his playlist with a letter: “We know where your kids go to school.”) John wrote in Sounds magazine: “Frankly, I listen to music with no concern whatever for the race, colour, religion, preference in breakfast foods, height, shoe size or whatever-you-like of the music makers. The only footling prejudice I do permit myself is this – musicians I suspect of supporting Everton or Arsenal have a bugger of a time getting their ponderous tripe on to the programme.” ‘

    Ryan Gilbey

    Get into the zpirit of what Peel waz playing… http://fadesinslowly.com/2009/07/01/dancehall-1969-vol-4/

  12. I had to write an essay on her in a Third Year English paper I did. She wrote a book on Posh and Becks. Someone I love to hate! Her conversion to Judaism and (more importantly) Zionism is a bit strange. BTW I’m not sure how come I subscribe to your blog (I can’t remember) but I’m enjoying it!

  13. Errr….I’m not a moron, ‘Kyan’, but you appear to be. If you’re confused about my name, it’s Steve, as opposed to Futha Sod.
    Comment moderation becomes more attractive with every passing day.

  14. OK, as usual for her work, this article is more about Burchill than about Peel. And I think she’s attacking him as a symbol of some things which she *thinks* he represents; basically, the misogyny of the supposedly liberal-minded men of much 60s-70s “revolutionary culture”. The stories about the young girls don’t sound too good – maybe “everyone was doing it”, and maybe that’s the point. She wants to attack an ideology and picks Peel as a popular figurehead to pin it on. A bit like you’ve chosen Burchill as a target to vent your loathing of fat, unattractive women with opinions you don’t agree with. Basically, I admire Peel enormously, and have no particular interest in Burchill, but title and picture caption kind of drag the debate into the mud before you’ve even begun.

  15. He he, Al, got you reading though, didn’t it?
    I’ve already defended my choice of title (although why I should have to I don’t know: if people don’t like my writing, simply don’t fucking read it). Burchill set herself up for it.
    But you assume a hell of a lot. I don’t have a thing against fat unattractive women with nasty minds: just this one. Tabloid journalism you may consider it to be, but the punishment fits the crime here, I have to say.

  16. Well, I wrote that comment in a bit of a rush, and I think I slipped into name-calling myself in saying the post showed some generalised prejudice in you – sorry about that. Yeah, it’s all a bit tabloid, but it’s true that Burchill swung the machete first. Maybe at the end of the day, all’s fair in love, war and blogging.

  17. Hi Al, thanks for getting back to me, and for being gracious enough to apologise: some commenters on here could learn a lot from you. As you say, she slung the mud at him first, but I don’t have any idea whether Peel replied, or even if he knew about it. And, as I’ve iterated above, she seems to glory in being…well, exactly what I’ve called her. So, yes, all’s fair etc.
    BTW, as to the thing about young girls: if it’s true as he said it was, it’s also even more true that once he settled down he changed considerably, so why she had to drag that up I don’t know. And it’s not true that he had to leave the States because of it: he did marry a woman below the legal age, but Shirley concealed this from him. Just goes to show she should have checked her facts.

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